The 12 Best 10x10 Trade Show Booth Ideas

There are around 13,000 trade shows that occur in the United States every single year. Many of these are regular occurrences, so you will need to have a good plan for how to set up your booth to ensure high-quality marketing and networking. So, what should you do to help boost your visibility and how appealing you are?

This article contains 12 10x10 trade show booth ideas for you to use in planning your next booth. Take them and incorporate them into your plans to help create a better experience for everyone who visits your space in the future.

12 10x10 Trade Show Booth Ideas To Help You Stand Out! 

1. Custom Table Drapes or Table Runners

At trade shows, you can almost guarantee that you will have enough space to put a long table in your area. These tables are perfect as either frontage for your display, or to place products on top to display them and underneath for storage. One thing that you will need to do, though, is to make sure that this table promotes your brand like every other part of your booth.

One way that you can do this is by using a dedicated table drape. These can either be a standard tablecloth with a design on it, or you can also investigate fitted table drapes that conform to the shape of the table.

If you are unsure of the shape or size of the table that you will receive at the venue, another option is to use a branded table runner. You will still need a standard tablecloth for underneath the runner to appear professional. Although, it prevents surprises in table options, saving you from potential embarrassment.

Working with a reputable table drape producer, you can also see if you can produce a draping tablecloth designed for specific table sizes. This means that the top of the table itself can be one solid color, while the draping sections display your branding. This gives the table more intent as a space you can use and also does not take away from your brand image.

By combining both table drapes and table runners, you can even make a great way to draw the eye to the center of the space where your product will display.

2. Frame Banners

There are many different banner options that you can choose for any sort of event that you attend. Each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages, creating a different mood for your space.

First of all, many booths these days opt for a simple effort to bring people into their space. They use A-frame signs that they sometimes can push out into the corridor of the convention, bringing more eyes toward their booth. If they cannot put them in the corridor, then they instead act as small banners on the edge of the space to draw the eye.

Many times, these smaller A-frames can offer unique information that you will not find elsewhere, or act as teasers for a larger offering.

Another option is to use retractable banners, pop-up displays, or wall banners. These often sit at the back of the space or otherwise create a boundary at the edge of the booth. As walls, they offer the opportunity to either present your brand identity or to have data such as contact information and deals you provide.

Either way, they are among the largest visual elements of many trade show booths that do not use a fully custom surround to their area.

3. Hanging Banners

Another option for banners is to think of not only what you can put on the ground, but what you can hang from the ceiling. In many trade shows, you can work with the organizers to attach a custom banner to the roof of the exhibition hall. This can not only give you a high-up visual element to your space but also helps guide people to where you are if they search for you.

As few companies opt for hanging banners, you can often have the assurance that people will see your branding. You do not need to worry about them losing sight of it in a sea of clutter. Many times, such a display will make people stop right where they are and check out what you are communicating, giving you priority in their minds.

Such banners are not always straight pieces of cloth, either. You can get a structured banner that not only displays in two directions but takes up a small space near the roof. These are often square, round, or triangular but many other options do exist if you want to investigate further.

Of course, if you are not inside a building, this option is more limited. Still, you might be able to find space outside to hang such banners, such as from a tree or on the side of nearby structures.

4. Flags

Over the years, trade show feather flags have become very popular for creating lightweight branding that catches the eye. Due to their low weight, they can often stick up from the top of your booth and draw people's eyes to the area in which you are presenting. If the area is windy, you also gain the benefit of a moving flag that people will look at more often as it is a moving object.

As the flags are so light, you can even change them out to show different information. On the first day of the trade show, you might have a deal on that differs from later days. Thus, as the flag is so easy to move you can change out the flag between each day to present different offers.

5. Branded Seating

Part of your offering might include needing to have a short, serious chat with people at your booth. Or you might be promoting items that enjoy the visual of people using them (for example, a board game ). If that is the case, there is no reason why you should not have every piece of furniture in your space branded, including the seating.

You have several options for this. You could investigate getting seat covers, much like wedding seat covers, that show off your colors and style to people who look over your booth.

Another option is to invest in branded "director's chairs". These are great, cheap options that also have the benefit of looking like you made them for your company rather than being a small veneer. Also, everybody likes sitting in a director's chair, so you can empower your visitors to feel more important too.

6. Chalkboards

Chalkboards have a very specific style to them. They speak of a certain non-tech era and have a mood of ephemeralness about them due to the ability to wipe off the message and replace it with another one. This is great if specific people might not be at the booth, for example, they might be giving a talk, and you can inform people of when they might be back.

By using a liquid chalk pen, you can also easily create messages that are both clear and more permanent than regular chalk. Although, you can still remove these with water.

Chalkboards are also very easy to read. If you expect people to come past your booth a lot, you can have the assurance that the color-on-black style of chalkboards is clear to read fast.

Of course, the biggest benefit to chalkboards is that they are cheap. If you want to change your messaging, you do not need to buy a whole new set. You can instead wipe it off and replace it with the new information.

7. Create a Room

Your product might be one that you would use in a specific room. That might be an office environment, a kitchen, or any number of other choices. If that is the case, you could do a lot worse than showing off your product in situ.

To do this, you will need to recreate a small section of the area where someone would use your product. You can then show it off, surrounded by the type of environment where you would expect it to be. This gives people watching you a real sense of place for the object and helps them imagine using it themselves.

If there is a specialist for the location you are in (for example, a chef in a kitchen), you can even then bring in a talented expert to show off your product for you. They will know how to make use of the space as they would use it, giving your product more validity.

8. Emulate a Store

Instead of creating a room in an office or a home, you could create a smaller version of a store where one would buy your product. This tends to work better if you are selling physical products, but can also work with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor if you are selling a service too.

Make sure that the only items on the shelves are your own. By doing this, you can encourage prospective investors that this is where customers will find your products soon.

9. Standing Meeting Space

You might want to have a place where you can introduce your product to people who might be casually passing by. For that, you would be best off having a freestanding location for a representative to stand by. Such platforms allow company reps to show off the product or present company literature to whoever visits.

These counters can also receive your company or product's branding. This helps sell the location as a hub point for people to congregate around and hear more about what you can offer them.

10. Your Products on Display

If your product's USP is how iconic it looks, or is part of an expensive collection, you might want to show it off without people interacting with it. For that, you can invest in display cabinets that have shelves filled with what you supply.

If you will not fill a whole glass cabinet due to the size of your product, you can always place extra imagery of your product on the other shelves. Or, refrain from filling up the area to create a sense of prestige for the items.

11. Show Regular People Using Your Product

Within a 10x10 booth, it may not be the prestige of a large area that turns people's heads. Instead, you might want to encourage the visitors to your booth to engage with the product to show off how easy it is to use.

In such a situation, you want the fact that people are using the product to be an advert in and of itself. As such, having the visitor facing the crown and giving a lot of space to their engagement is a great promotion.

This works well for any household item that you might want to sell, as well as toys, games, or most handheld objects that demand the user move in any way.

12. Wall of Products

Even if you do not have shelves in your trade show booth, you can still use the products that you might sell on the walls. You can show off how well-designed the items are by attaching them to the walls behind you and creating a pattern with them.

If they come in different colors, try to either create a pattern with these colors or aim to never have the same color next to one another. This makes a display that draws the eye and makes your product itself a piece of artwork.

More 10x10 Trade Show Booth Ideas

With the above information in your pocket, you now have plenty of ways to improve your trade show booths. Still, you might want more ways of showing off your brand in your booth design, and luckily we are here to help you do that.

With our custom banners for tradeshows, you can actualize dozens more 10x10 trade show booth ideas. All you need to do is get in contact and we can talk through all your options with you. So, give us a call today and make your ideas a reality.