Double-Sided Custom Feather Flags for Sale

Draw Attention to Your Brand with Advertising Feather Flags

Get Excellent Quality Feather Flags Designed for Indoors and Outdoors To Promote Your Brand.

Feather Flags Work

There's a reason feather flags are used by many businesses at events and tradeshows, it's because they work. The combination of vivid colors and graphics and the fluttering movement attracts the attention of potential customers. They are a sure-fire way to get your noticed and draw in the crowds to find out about your business.

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Quality Materials

Our outdoor advertising flags are durable and weatherproof for outdoor use as well as indoor. We only use quality materials such as carbon composite poles and durable polyester fabric. All of our feather flags come with a ground spike base, cross base, and weighted water bag for a stable display. 

One-Year Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that if your feather flags have any malfunctions, we'll repair or replace them at no additional charge. We'll get your new one to you within five business days. 

How To Get Custom Feather Flags

Step 1: Choose A Feather Flag

Choose from our variety of shapes and designs that suit your taste. 

Step 2: The Specs

Select your preferred flag size and single or double-sided printing. Upload your own artwork or get a great outdoor banner flag graphic designed by our pros.

Step 3: Submit Your Order

Select how many flags you want and add to your cart and complete delivery and payment details to receive within 5 business days.

Why Choose Custom Lab

For over 15 years, Custom Banner Lab has served the live event and tradeshow industry by providing affordable, portable, and easy-to-use promotional display items. Our customers are always happy and rate us five stars in our customer testimonials. Live chat or call today to discuss your project!


Get long-lasting and durable feather flags for the best value for money promotional displays. Our advertising banner flags start from just $199 for a nine-foot tall flag and get double-sided printing for only $25 extra.   

Get Your Feather Flags Today

Feather flags are the most effective advertising flag banners and signs on the market. Draw attention to your brand and meet new customers at your next event. 

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