How to Design Your Trade Show Table Banner

How to Design Your Trade Show Table Banner

Trade shows bring a wealth of opportunities and are extremely beneficial to a growing business.  Not only does a well-designed trade show table banner help promote brand awareness at these events, but they can help build relationships between company representatives and prospective clients.  Remember, not everyone at the trade show is ready to commit or buy, so memorable and welcoming artwork on your trade show banner can help them strike up a conversation and remember the company later. That’s why it’s important to learn how to design a great trade show display banner.

Trade Show Table Banners

Design Elements on a Trade Show Table Banner

First, let’s discuss the elements that go onto the tablecloth.There are a few elements that can be added to trade show display banners. These include things like:

  • Brand colors and logo
  • Graphic elements like timelines and charts
  • Images
  • Text
  • Patterns

These design elements give a trade show table banner a unique fingerprint that’s memorable and effective. The goal is to attract trade show attendees to your exhibition booth or floor display.The trade show display banners serve as the welcome committee to the company’s pitch and purpose at the trade show. Stellar display art can be the invite the prospective customers need to learn more about your company.

The Best Way to Attract Customers to a Trade Show

It’s one thing to stand out in the venue with a professional trade show banner, but it’s quite another to attract customers to attend the trade show. Drumming up interest in upcoming trade shows is a critical step to a successful event. That means advertising and promoting the show online using a variety of digital and print media to broadcast the message.

The most important thing managers can do is make sure the ads and promotions on marketing materials match the design and elements on the trade show display banners to keep up with a message of consistency and reliability.

What Makes a Great Trade Show Display?

There are two ways to design a trade show display banner.

  • 1.Simple and direct with the company’s brand colors and logo on the tablecloth.
  • 2.Graphic with images or text.

For brands that are going for a more graphic and detailed look, there are some best practices and tips you can follow to design a great trade show display banner.

  • 1.Artwork should be easy to see and read. Too many elements can clutter the space and draw the eye away.
  • 2.Design should favor simplicity over decoration.
  • 3.Vibrant colors usually stand out the most.
  • 4.Images should be large and colorful to reflect a creative aspect to the brand.
  • 5.Engage or educate the audience with a graphic, chart, or short text with image.
  • 6.Brand consistency is crucial to being remembered after the trade show. The company logo, colors, fonts, and messaging should be consistent across all brand materials at the trade show event.
  • 7.Emphasize, highlight, or otherwise call-out the most important information on the trade show banner by placing that information at the top.Make sure none of the other elements draw away from that message.
  • 8.Finally, the logo should be placed in a prominent position but be unobtrusive to the message on trade show display banners.

Tradeshow Table Banner

5 Tips to Prepare for a Trade Show

As mentioned previously, managers and representatives can prepare for a trade show by first attracting people to the event.Promote and advertise the company’s participation and purpose at the trade show, and be sure to use the same brand colors, fonts, visuals, and messaging on all materials related to the event. Remember, consistency is key.

A few other things can help you prepare for a trade show that don’t have anything to do with your trade show table banner.Here are five more tips to help you have a successful trade show:

  • 1.Plan as far in advance as possible. Getting the message out and creating high-quality materials takes time, so managers can’t always get to the printing of those materials fast enough.That’s why ordering trade show banners with us only takes a couple minutes and gets to you within a week.
  • 2.Prepare the organizational teams that will participate in the trade show. Trade shows and display tables often bring with them a sense of excitement and nervousness.It helps when there’s a plan and schedule of what to do and what to expect.
  • 3.Schedule pre-show booth meetings. This helps ensure the team is ready, motivated, and aware of what’s expected of them.
  • 4.Determine, plan, and provide giveaways. Always be ready to answer the “what’s in it for me?” question that’s in everyone’s minds as they walk the floor of a trade show event.
  • 5.Debrief and follow up. Learn what worked and what didn’t.

Preparation planning prior to a trade show is one of the most important parts of pulling off a successful event.The right design on your trade show table banner, along with consistent messaging and promotion leading up to the show, can make all the difference in both the team’s and customers’ experience.You want both to walk away with a positive feeling about interacting at the show, so be sure to give a good first impression on your trade show display banners.

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