The 5-Second Oval Instant Counter

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This stretch fabric SPRING UP Tradeshow Counter pops up in 5-seconds flat!  It comes in a hard plastic protective case, ready to set up to create a great little counter space for talking with customers.


The elastic stretch fabric is wrinkle free because it stretches when popped up.


Assembled Size: 27.6" W x 15.7" D x 37.4'' H

Counter Top Colors: BLACK ONLY

Weight: 15 lbs

Case Size: 24 x 18 x 8

HERE ARE THE ART SPECS Of The Hop Up Instant Counter:

Print ready artwork must be provided.  Please use the downloadable template below to design the artwork.  Call or email with any artwork questions.

We accept the following print file types:

  • 150+ dpi PDF in Actual Size (using design template below)
  • 150+ dpi JPG in Actual Size (using design template below)


Below is the link to download the design template.

5-SECOND Oval Instant Counter Design Template:

When you place your order you will get an e-mail confirmation. At the bottom of this e-mail is a link to upload your completed art-work. Once art-work is received your order will go immediately into production and ship the SAME or NEXT BUSINESS DAY. Please call us at 317-956-3898 with any additional questions.


After you place your order, an UPLOAD LINK will be included at the bottom of your e-mail order confirmation. This link will take you to an UPLOAD FORM. If for some reason, this form is not compatible with your system, you can use the FREE sending utility at You may e-mail your artwork directly to us at if it is small enough. Please include your order confirmation #, name, and telephone number.