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You've placed your order and now you are ready to upload COMPLETED ARTWORK! Great!

Please complete the form below and UPLOAD your completed art file. Please review the image requirements on the product page of the item you ordered. After uploading your art, your project manager will review and confirm your artwork and then e-mail you a complete confirmation with completion date.

*IMAGES: All artwork and images that you upload must be at least 72 dpi - preferably 150 dpi. They must also be in actual size - a 1:1 ratio. For example if you want to order a 33.5" x 79" retractable banner, your art file needs to also be 33.5" x 79" and at least 72 dpi.

If your file is too big and you do not get a successful submission with this form, please send from http://www.yousendit.com and send to the e-mail address customerservice@custombannerlab.com.