Indoor / Outdoor WINGMAN Display Sign

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The Indoor/Outdoor Wingman Display Sign is a heavy-duty double-sided wing sign for displaying indoor or outdoor graphics. The unit has a wheeled, compact moulded base that can be filled with water or sand to help it stay put.  The snap frame poster holders make changing your message quick and easy.

One great feature of this sign is that you can buy the sign once and then order replacement graphics to switch out your message later if desired!

Here's what you need to know about our WINGMAN Display Sign:

  • Overall Size: 30.75"W x 44.12"H x 19.5"D
  • Sign Sign: 22" x 32"
  • Double-sided
  • Quick and easy graphic changes
  • Dual-spring design flexes to withstand wind gusts
  • Compact durable base can be filled with water or sand for extra stability
  • Integrated wheel set
  • Front loading snap frames constructed from aluminum and powder coated steel
  • Padded base prevents wear and tear
  • Base holds 7.5 gallons of water
  • Shipping Box Size: 41"L x 27"H x 10"D
  • Weight:  Approx 25 lbs.

Artwork Templates:

Below is the download link to the design templates for our WINGMAN Display Sign:




Download the instructions for this sign below: