Custom Printed Logo Directors Chair

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**NOTE** There is a 2-3 day build time on these chairs. They are made to order by hand in Tennessee. Consequently, they cannot be rushed. The soonest these can possibly ship is 4 days AFTER you place your order. Please be aware of this when considering your NEED BY date. Call with questions.

Our Custom Printed Directors Chair has so many great features and it's perfect for a trade show! These chairs feature contour legs, comfort shaped arm pads and a foot pad for comfort while seated. The wooden joints are hand fitted, glued and secured with steel pins for lasting strength.

  • Made in the USA for over 115 years
  • Available in 18 inch table height, 24 inch counter/bar height and 30 inch bar height.
  • Strength tested to over 400 lbs.

Below are the measurements of the Canvas:

Chair Back: 21 inches wide x 7 inches tall 
Chair Seat: 19 inches wide x 15 inches deep

Your logo will be printed on the back of the chair so it will never crack, peel or fade. Your project manager will contact you for final approval before production. 

Below are a few Custom Logo Directors Chairs we have printed for other customers!




Do You Have a Logo ? Here are the ART SPECS:

Yes - we can print Multi-Color and Full-Color Graphics. Please provide us with one of the following graphic files:

  • PREFERRED - 150 dpi EPS with all text converted to outlines
  • 150 dpi JPG in Actual Size (Maximum Print are is 12" wide x 5" Tall)
  • We print in CMYK.

When you place your order you will get an e-mail confirmation. At the bottom of this e-mail is a link to upload your completed art-work. Once art-work is received you will be e-mailed a Digital Proof to approve before your order will go into production. Please call Matthew at 317-956-3898 with any additional questions.


Do you need DESIGN HELP? We can design the Graphic for you.

If you do not have a completed 'print-ready' art file, then we can design your Graphic for you. The Graphic Design fee for this service is $25. This fee includes an initial design with 2 revisions. If it takes more than 2 revisions then there will be a $15 fee per revision after that. Our skilled Graphic Designers will create a completely one-of-a-kind graphic for your project. It will be based on the information that you provide to us. You must select the DESIGN IT FOR ME option when placing your on-line order. When you receive your confirmation e-mail there will be a link that says "CLICK HERE if you need one of our Graphic Designers to design it for you." This link will take you to an On-Line Information form where we will gather information about your design ideas. Here, you can upload logos/photos and tell us your design thoughts. Soon after you submit this form, you will be contacted by a Graphic Designer who will begin the design process with you. Once you complete the on-line information form and talk to our Graphic Designer you will receive your initial mock-up within 48 hours. The complete process from start to finish usually takes 2-3 business days so be sure to include this time in your scheudle for when you need the order.



If you are uploading completed artwork, an UPLOAD LINK will be included at the bottom of your e-mail order confirmation. This link will take you to an UPLOAD FORM. If for some reason, this form is not compatible with your system, you can use the FREE sending utility at You may e-mail your artwork directly to us at if you need to.  Please include your order confirmation #, name, and telephone number if you are emailing us the artwork.

  • 150 dpi JPG in Actual Size (Maximum Print are is 12" wide x 5" Tall)

5 Great Uses for a Custom Director's Chair

Have you ever dreamed of sitting in a director's chair?

Fortunately, these statement piece chairs aren't just for movie sets and top-notch film executives. You can get director's chairs for all types of business needs. With the right personalized branding, they'll help your company stand out.

But what are some uses for a custom director's chair?

Below, we'll get into 5 unique ideas for using your custom movie director chair. Keep reading to incorporate these classic seats into your everyday life!

1. Visitor Seating

At a trade show, giving people a place to take a break can be a great way to spread awareness about your company. Because many people grow tired between scheduled sessions, attendees will tell each other if you have a designated rest spot. 

Have some products for them to try out while they rest. That way, you'll also have a chance to teach them about what you do!

If you include any special presentations at your booth, you should have some seating. Taking a seat in a custom director's chair will encourage guests to stay for longer!

Are you going to a beauty and cosmetics trade show? If so, you'll need to purchase comfortable and portable seating for your booth. With a custom makeup artist chair on hand, you can keep clients comfortable while your workers help them test your products. These chairs should be placed in a visible space so other people become curious about your work.

You should arrange your seating with care. If enough people sit in your director's chairs, others may notice your booth's popularity and become curious. Buy as many custom seats as you think you can fill.

2. Give Your Workers a Place to Sit

Nothing says, "I'm running the show" quite like a custom director's chair.

Placing these chairs inside your booth lets visitors know who can answer their questions. It also lets your employees rest their feet and reduces exhaustion!

To make it more fun, emblazon each director's chair with your employees' names. Most people like seeing their name on the back of a director's chair, and it makes them feel like an official part of the trade show.

Encourage your employees to take pictures of their chairs and post them on social media! You'll get free advertising this way. Ask them if you can use a few photos for the company's official platforms. 

3. Use Them in a Game or Photobooth

Gone are the days when companies could skate by with informational pamphlets and new product prototypes.

Now, trade shows are all about engagement. If you want to have an effective booth, you need to think about engaging the people at the event. You also need to engage social media users.

One of the best ways to create attention is to play games. The games don't have to be elaborate, either. You can even put a few director's chairs in a row and invite people to sit and answer trivia questions relevant to your field. Reward them with some prizes.

Don't want to go the game route? Consider setting up a photo-taking station. Place a custom director's chair against a fun background and invite people to pose for pictures. Then, ask them to upload their photos with a hashtag. That way, you can create an online conversation about your time at the trade show.

4. Advertise on Many Occasions

Even if you order a director's chair for a trade show, you can repurpose it. 

Director's chairs are lightweight and easy to move around. Many of them collapse, so you can put them in suitcases and take them on planes. This makes them attractive choices for many workers who travel. They know they won't have to worry about taking heavyweight items with them. 

Our customizable director's chairs allow you to add your logo to the chairs. That way, no matter where your employees go, they'll be able to advertise for your company!

Worried about wear and tear? Personalized director's chair covers keep your seats protected. They're perfect for both travel and storage. Buy them to keep your chairs usable for a long time!

5. Give Them Away

Have you been looking for the perfect giveaway item for your trade show?

If so, consider giving away a custom director's chair with your brand name on it. Director's chairs can be repurposed for a variety of uses, including family outings and casual gatherings. As such, you might have many booth attendees clamoring to win! You can advertise your giveaway on your promotional materials, too. This will encourage more people to stop by!

Have you chosen to customize them with your employees' names? Let your workers take them home after the trade show! That way, you'll get to show your appreciation for their hard work. They'll also have a keepsake commemorating good times with their coworkers.

Where Can You Get a Custom Director's Chair?

So, are you wanting to buy a custom director's chair?

Getting a custom director's chair is a great investment for your trade show booth. These classic seats keep all booth attendees comfortable and create a fantastic, inviting ambiance. That's why we recommend our custom movie director chair for all your needs!

When you order from us, we'll allow you to personalize your chair with your company logo. You'll have a choice between different types of frames and colors. When you're done, we'll ship you a unique, durable chair that you can use for multiple events!

Order a director's chair with your logo today!