Why Tradeshow Tablecloths Are An Important Marketing Tool

If your business is thinking about getting into the tradeshow circuit, you know that marketing materials are absolutely essential. No matter how accomplished your company is, or how much people love your product, your trade show will be a failure if you can’t get people to stop at your booth. While creating banners, brochures, and other swag that will catch people’s eyes, don’t forget about one of the most important marketing tools at every show: the tradeshow tablecloths.

Many trade show organizers will provide tablecloths for every vendor, no matter what the booth size. For a company operating on a limited marketing budget, this seems like a wonderful gift. However, it’s essential to remember that the point of a tablecloth isn’t simply to hide the legs and ugly surface of a folding table. The purpose of these table covers, as with everything at a tradeshow, is to pique interest and make your booth easily recognizable.

Custom printed tablecloths are an easy, durable marketing tool that has the potential to make your booth really pop. They’re available in over a dozen eye-catching colors, and can be customized with your logo, business tagline, a special offer, or anything else that will get people interested in stopping at your booth.

Unlike banners, posters, and other trade show marketing tools, tablecloths can’t be broken. If something spills on them, they can be cleaned. Most importantly, if you have a bright yellow tablecloth and the vendors on either side of you have plain black or white table clothes, who do you think people are mostly likely to look at?

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