What If Your Retractable Banner Stand Breaks In The Middle Of A Trade Show?

Trade Shows are an essential marketing strategy for any business that wants to get their product or service in front of lots of people in a short amount of time. Banners are a great way to catch people’s attention and get them interested in stopping by your booth. We pride ourselves on selling only the best retractable banner stands, but sometimes things still go wrong. So what should you do if you’re on the road and your banner stand is damaged in transit or decides to quit?

First of all, don’t panic! Although a problem with your banner is tragic it doesn’t have to be the end of your show. It’s absolutely possible to have a successful tradeshow appearance without your banner graphics on display as you originally intended. That being said, you shouldn’t just give up and leave your banner in the hotel room. You just have to get a little creative.

Ask the tradeshow organizers if they have spare stands. Although it might not be the stand that you wanted to use, even an older style stand will still let you display your graphic. If the trade show organizers don’t have anything you can use, ask other companies who are setting up their booths. Avoid direct competitors, obviously, but if there are other representatives with whom you’re friendly, they might be willing to lend you a spare.

If you intended to use your banner with a telescoping or tension stand, your graphic is completely independent from the stand. This means you can try to find another way to suspend it in your booth. If the trade show organizers have provided you with a neutral backdrop, you have several options. You can try to find some rope or twine that can be attached to the pole pockets and used to hang the banner on the wall of your booth. Tape is always an option for this as well!

The best way to avoid problems like this when you’re at a tradeshow is to invest in a quality banner right from the start. Browse our full selection of retractable banner stands today!