What Are Feather Banners and When Should I Use Them?

Are you a business owner who is looking for custom banners that you can use to market your company? You'll be happy to hear that there are so many types of banners you can use for marketing purposes.

From retractable banners to table top banners to street pole banners, you should be able to find the right options to take advantage of banner advertising. But you should learn about each one in advance to see which options will work best for business advertising.

Feather banners, which are also sometimes called feather flags, will be one of the best choices of the bunch. They've turned into incredibly effective marketing tools for lots of businesses.

So, what is a feather banner? When should you use one? And how can you create one that will steal the show when you put it out?

Discover just about everything you need to know about feather banners below.

What Is a Feather Banner?

Feather banners are often referred to as feather flags for a good reason. It's because, at first glance, you might think they're flags as opposed to banners.

Feather banners feature stiff poles with fabric banners attached to them. Because of how they're designed, these fabric banners that are typically made out of polyester fabric will blow in the breeze, especially when you use them outside.

More often than not, feather banners will be double-sided so that people will be able to see what's on them from any angle. But they'll usually have the same thing on both sides.

You can have almost anything that you want printed on the fabric for a feather banner. It's a big part of what makes these types of banners so great for those in the market for advertising tools for businesses.

When Should You Use Feather Banners?

Now that you know a little bit more about what feather banners are, let's discuss when you should think about using them. As a business owner, you're going to find that you can utilize feather banners in many different situations.

You'll be able to put feather banners to good use both inside and outside. You can also use them for tons of different kinds of events. Here are some of the times when you might want to use feather flags.

Community Events

Is your business going to be setting up a table or booth at an upcoming community event? Maybe you're going to be setting up shop at a spring festival in the park or a 5K run at a local school.

Whatever the case, this is going to be a great example of the type of event that you can use a feather banner at. You're likely going to be jostling for position with other companies at an event like this, and a feather banner will help you do it.

Outside of the fact that feather banners can be designed to stand out in a figurative sense, they can also literally stand out when you have one that's on the taller side. It'll make it impossible for people to miss your company's table or booth at a community event.

Trade Shows

There are more than 13,000 trade shows that take place all throughout the country each year. You might want to look into securing a table or booth at a few of the trade shows that apply to your company's industry.

You might also want to consider investing in at least one feather banner before you start attending trade shows. Just like they'll do at community events, feather flags can help your company stand out in the crowd at trade shows.

Companies tend to pull out all the stops when it comes to marketing their businesses at trade shows. A great feather banner will work wonders for your company by ensuring that people take notice of your business and its presence.


Does your company have a retail store that it relies on to sell its products and services? If so, it's going to face some stiff competition when you consider that there are more than 1 million retail establishments in the U.S.

A good way to set your retail store apart from the pack is by holding sales on a regular basis. You should also go all out as far as advertising these sales is concerned.

Hanging up a custom sign on the front of your retail store is one good way to attract attention to sales you might be holding. But why not go the extra mile by putting a feather banner out front, too?

It'll be well worth doing this if you want to bring lots of people in to see what you have for sale. They'll be able to see your feather banner from every angle and will want to check out your store further because of it.

Store Openings

If you're going to be opening up a brand-new retail establishment, holding a grand opening for it will be of the utmost importance. You can really generate some healthy buzz around your business by taking this approach to opening it up.

For your store opening, you should decorate the doors and windows for your business appropriately. You should also stick a brand-new sign on your business to let people know what your company is called and what they can expect from you.

You should also think about making your grand opening even more special than it would be otherwise by utilizing tools like feather banners. Even just one feather flag will help put plenty of eyes on your new business and set it up to enjoy more success from the start.

In-Store Events

Does your company ever hold special in-store events for your customers? Maybe you have special guests come to visit, or maybe you have demonstrations that you do every so often.

Whatever the case, feather banners can be used to show that something special is happening in your retail establishment. People will be more likely to swing by to see what you have going on when you make the front of your store look special by using things like feather flags.

What Are the Benefits of Using Feather Banners?

As we've alluded to a couple of times now, feather banners are far from the only types of banners, signs, flags, etc. that you can use to promote your business. But the benefits that come along with using feather flags make them one of the best choices around.

So, what are some of the biggest benefits of using feather banners? Here are just a few of them:

  • You can customize them to make them look like whatever you want
  • You can make them as tall as you would like so that they'll always stand out
  • You can create them for less money than you might think
  • You can keep them in excellent condition for years on end thanks to their durability
  • You can move them around at a moment's notice with very little effort on your part

It isn't going to take you too long at all to see why so many business owners have started to use feather banners. They're going to be some of the best marketing products for your business.

What Are the Different Types of Feather Flags?

One thing you should keep in mind if you're considering buying feather banners is that there are a few different types of these banners. It'll be up to you to decide which type you would like to buy for your business.

This Angled Razor Feather Flag is one of the simplest and most straightforward options that you'll have. It'll give you easy access to the benefits of using feather banners once you get your hands on one.

There are also other great options for you to choose from if you want something a little more unique. This Tear Drop Feather Flag would be a good example of this. It has a flag on it that's shaped differently than the Angled Razor Feather Flag.

There is also a feather banner for those who would like something that falls in between these two feather flags. The Concave Razor Feather Flag is worthy of your attention.

You might even want to think about going with a few different types of feather banners. You can use them at different types of events.

How Can You Create Custom Feather Banners?

After hearing all about where you can use feather banners and how they can benefit your business, would you like to try creating one for your company? Custom Banner Lab will make it so easy for you to do it.

We use a customization process that will allow you to create custom feather banners from scratch in no time at all. All you'll need to do to bring a custom feather flag to life is follow these steps:

  1. Decide which type of feather banner you would like to customize for your company
  2. Pick out which size you would like your feather banner to be
  3. Choose between either a single-sided or double-sided flag
  4. Upload artwork for your feather banner or work with Custom Banner Lab's design pros to put artwork together
  5. Submit your order and let us get to work

As long as everything goes according to plan, we should be able to ship your feather banner within just a few days. This will ensure that it arrives in time for whatever event you plan to use it at.

We'll also extend a one-year warranty on all of our feather banners. That's one more thing that will make buying them well worth it.

Who Should You Trust to Help You With Feather Banners?

There are thousands of printing services scattered throughout the country right now that can help you customize feather banners for your business. So, which one should you trust to lend a hand to you when you want to order feather flags?

Custom Banner Lab will be, hands down, one of the very best options that you'll have. We have a few types of feather banners that you can pick from when you'd like to customize one or more of them. We can sell them for very affordable prices and will make the entire design process so simple and painless.

Custom Banner Lab also sells a variety of other promotional printed products that you can use to take your business to the next level. You can count on us to help you create custom signs, backdrops, tablecloths, directors' chairs, booths, and so much more.

You'll get the attention to detail and customer service you deserve when you invest in marketing products from us. You'll also be treated to top-of-the-line products that will make advertising your company a breeze from now on.

We welcome you to place an order for any of our products today and invite you to touch base with us if you have any other questions on how we can be of assistance.

Reach Out to Us to Design a Great Feather Banner

As you've no doubt noticed by now, feather banners are some of the best marketing tools in the business. You really can't go wrong when you invest in feather flags for your company.

Custom Banner Lab would love to speak with you more about how your business can use feather banners. We can also walk you through some of the other types of banners that you might want to consider using at different events.

Contact us today to get the inside scoop on what makes banners such a great marketing tool.