Tips for Designing your Custom Tradeshow Displays

Creating an effective trade show booth can be a daunting task. More than $24 billion dollars are spent annually on tradeshow setups. There are many pieces that go into creating an appealing and compelling exhibit. Having a visually appealing design will encourage individuals to visit your booth and engage with your product or service. Here are a few guaranteed design tips to incorporate into promotional banners to increase traffic at your booth.

Hierarchy and Flow

Probably the most important design element to a good custom tradeshow display is presenting your text in an effective hierarchy. Utilize a strong, bold title that immediately tells potential clients about your product or service. Subsequent text will be progressively smaller and can increase in length, providing greater information. Flow is also important. Think about how someone’s eyes would move around the display. Content will typically flow top to bottom then left to right. Circular or S-shaped flow patterns can also be interesting and keep the looker engaged in the display.

Eye-catching Images

Large, eye-catching images are essential to excellent promotional banners. Utilize high resolution images that say something about your unique brand and allow text to be easily readable. Consider incorporating high contrast colors and bold images into your banner as eyes tend to be drawn to them.

Keep it Simple

Simple designs are key. They are pleasing to the eye and do not overload a viewer with information. A simple design will impart a few key pieces of information to the viewer and leaving them wanting to know more.

Creating effective and pleasing designs for promotional banners can be a difficult task so consider letting us do it for you for a nominal fee. Custom Banner Lab makes getting the right tradeshow display done right and you’ll know your design is in capable hands.