Stretch Tablecloth with Logo

The newest look when it comes custom printed tradeshow tablecloths is a STRETCH TABLECLOTH with LOGO!

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Ordering a custom printed tablelcoth with a logo for your company or brand can feel like a daunting task.  Don't worry!  We make it very easy!  But, there are few things you need to consider when ordering a Stretch Tablecloth with Logo versus a traditional draped tablecloth.  In this article, we will discuss those points to consider.

5 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW about ordering a Stretch Tablecloth with your company logo.

1: Make sure the corners under the table legs have integrated foot pads

The design of stretch tablecloths with logo is different from that of a traditional custom logo tablecloth.  The four corners pull tight over the tabletop and tuck underneath each of the four table legs.  It is very important that protective foot pads be sewn into these four tablecloth corners to prevent the cloth from eventually ripping and wearing thin.  We've seen it happen and that's why we make sure that these foot pads are sewn into all of our stretch tablecloths with logo.  You can see a photo of this feature below:

Stretch Tablecloths with Logo

2:  Make sure your tablecloth is printed using a process called DYE SUBLIMATION

Because stretch tablecloths actually do "stretch" over a table, this can be a real issue with your logo that's printed on the front if you're not careful.  Stretch tablecloths with logo look much better when printed using a process called dye sublimation.  Dye sublimation is when the images are actually heat-dyed into the fibers of the fabric.  The benefit is that your logo is A PART of the fabric after it's finished versus being printed ON TOP of the fabric such as in screen printing or vinyl heat transfer.  This printing process prevents your logo from distorting when the tablecloth is eventually stretched over the tradeshow table.

3: Make sure you know which size table you will be using

Unlike traditional custom printed logo tablecloths, there is no flexibility when it comes to table size if you purchase a stretch tablecloth with logo.  With traditional draped logo tablecloths, you can use a 6-foot tablecloth on an 8-foot table and vice versa.  However, the stretch tablecloth that you purchase with your company logo MUST be the exact size of your table.  Make sure you know which table size you will be using.  A stretch tablecloth sewn for a 6-foot table WILL NOT fit an 8-foot table.  It would be awful to show up at an event and not be able to use your new stretch tablecloth with logo.

4:Make sure your table is going to be a standard height and depth of 30 inches

Tradeshow tables typically come in either 6-foot wide (72 inches) or 8-foot wide (96-inches).  But, many people don't realize that there are standard industry sizes for depth (front to back) and height as well.  Because stretch tablecloths with logo are perfectly sewn to fit a standard size, it's always a good idea to check the table sizes with your venue.  We've seen tables vary in both height and depth and this could affect whether or not your stretch tablecloth actually fits.

5: Consider a background print on your stretch tablecloth

Background prints look wonderful on stretch tablecloths with logo.  Take a look at the photo below.  The logo is in the middle of the stretch tablecloth and a background print covers the rest of the area.  These types of designs look really great on a stretch tablecloth and help to carry the company or organization branding all across the table and it gives much more custom look to the tradeshow or event booth.

Stretch Tablecloth with Logo

In conclusion, we hope these 5 tips help you make a decision when it comes to purchasing a stretch tablecloth with logo.  Our team is here to help answer questions or provide a no-obligation tablecloth proof if you'd like to see one before your order.  You can request that proof at the link below:

Stretch Tablecloth with Logo

If you'd like to get a few ideas for booth arrangements (including custom printed stretch tablecloths), consider browsing our LOOK BOOK GALLERY by clicking on the image below.  This will give you some ideas when it comes to picking out display products for your booth.

Stretch Tablecloth with Logo