Should Swag Giveaways Be Part Of Your Trade Show Display?

When most people think about creating an attractive, well-branded trade show display, their minds instantly imagine promotional banners, custom canopy tents, and custom-printed trade show table covers.

Custom Banner Lab specializes in creating all of these high-quality products and more. We’ll even help you design your logo or branded graphic if you don’t already have one!

Once you have these marketing products in place, it’s time to consider the last piece of the trade show display puzzle: swag. This word is used to describe the little "freebie" promotional products that people love to collect when they’re browsing through a trade show.

But swag costs money, and that can often be hard for a fledgling business to justify when they won’t get anything in return. So should swag giveaways really be part of your trade show display, or can you have a successful show without them?

According to experts, it all depends on the swag and how it’s designed. 

Basically, no swag is better than cheap swag.

“It's got to be something that communicates the company's brand strategy, otherwise it's just another gimmick,” Los Angeles–based branding expert Rob Frankel told the Staples blog. “The most important aspect of giveaways is the ability to tie the promotional item to the solution the brand provides the prospect.”

For instance, branded dog toys is a brilliant idea for an artisanal dog food company.

If you can’t come up with a good idea, or simply can’t afford the high quality swag that you really want to give away, save it for a future event. Instead, opt for our high quality trade show display products that can be used over and over again, and give away promo codes for your products instead!