Let Us Be Your Design Team

When you are at a trade show, your table is your office, the face of your company, and you need to put forth the most professional image you can. Custom Banner Lab is here to back you up with your trade show needs. We have just about everything you need for your exhibitor display from the tablecloth on up. Unless you’ve got a creative team to rival George Lucas’ behind you, you’re going to be making the most with what most people have: a table, some stands, and your product.

Custom Logo Table Cloths

The tablecloth is going to make a big impression on people, even from a distance, so make you it looks great! We can help! We’ve got tablecloths or different lengths and even convertible ones. We’ve got 3-sided tablecloths and 4-sided tablecloths and table runners to meet all your table covering needs. We can even help you if you have not yet settled on a logo design.


To make your space truly yours, it is good to stop the eye of the viewer when they are at your table. Don’t let them look beyond you to other tables! We have single unit ten foot displays and a 3 banner wide eight foot

Custom Banners

In front of your exhibit space you’ll need a banner to catch people’s eyes, imagination and curiosity. We’ve got the banners, the ability to customize them to your specifications and the best retractable banner display stands in the business. Check out our Varde 39 Inch Retractable Banner Display and you’ll know what we mean.

When you are getting to initially set up an exhibitor booth or are revamping your old look, call us, or order online.