Case Study: Custom Banner Lab’s Project for God’s Good Table - 8FT 3-Sided Open-Back Custom Tablecloth with Logo

Case Study: Custom Banner Lab’s Project for God’s Good Table - 8FT 3-Sided Open-Back Custom Tablecloth with Logo

Client Overview:

The Client, God's Good Table, is a beacon of hope for Christians navigating health challenges. Founded by Maureen and Erin, a dynamic mother-daughter duo deeply rooted in their faith, the company is driven by the belief that true healing lies in God's word and embracing holistic approaches to well-being. Witnessing the struggles within their own family and grappling with personal health issues, they embarked on a journey to uncover alternative healing methods beyond conventional medicine. Over the past three decades, she has amassed a wealth of knowledge in traditional healing and cooking, which she generously shares with her community, friends, and loved ones at the kitchen table.

The 8FT 3-Sided Open-Back Custom Tablecloth with Logo Design Process with CustomBannerLab:

God’s Good Table was in need of a custom tablecloth that not only showcased their brand, but also resonated with their ethos of faith and healing. The design process began by integrating elements of wellness and their brand identity into the design. The focal point became the company’s logo surrounded with different kinds of fruits and vegetables symbolizing health and wellness. The end result was a 8ft 3-sided open-back custom tablecloth with their logo prominently displayed on the front.

Our Solution:

For this unique project, God’s Good Table opted for Custom Banner Lab’s 8FT 3-Sided Open-Back Custom Tablecloth with logo. This custom tablecloth perfectly aligned with the client’s vision, offering a balance between showcasing the logo and providing an open-back design for easy access to items behind the table. In addition, this custom tablecloth is made from a polyester elastic fabric that fits snugly over the table, providing a smooth and wrinkle-free surface as seen on the client’s trade show booth.

Key Features of the 8ft 3-Sided Custom Open-Back Tablecloth with Logo:

  • Adaptability and Accessibility: The 3-sided Open-Back Custom Tablecloth allows for easy access to storage under the table and comfortable seating behind it. This design feature is particularly useful in busy event settings.
  • Striking Visual Impact: The Custom Tablecloth serves as a canvas for the client's branding, allowing the logo to take center stage while incorporating elements of nature and spirituality seamlessly. Through state-of-the-art printing technology, Custom Banner Lab ensured that the design elements, including the logo and accompanying imagery, were vibrant, detailed, and visually compelling.
  • Quality and Durability: Custom Banner Lab’s 3-Sided Open-Back Tablecloth with logo is made from 100% polyester. It is also wrinkle-resistant, stain-resistant, and fire retardant, ensuring longevity and a professional appearance.

The Final Outcome of the 3-Sided Custom Open-Back Tablecloth with Logo:

The collaboration between Custom Banner Lab and God's Good Table resulted in a custom tablecloth that goes beyond mere branding—it embodies the essence of the company's mission. The logo, set against a backdrop of serene imagery, serves as a powerful symbol of health and spiritual wellness. As God's Good Table showcases this custom tablecloth at various events and gatherings, it not only reinforces their brand identity but also serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to faith-based wellness.

Things to Consider When Designing a 3-Sided Open-Back Custom Tablecloth with Logo for your Trade Show

  • Know your table size: Before diving into the design process, it's crucial to know the dimensions of the table where you'll be using the custom table runner. Tables come in various shapes and sizes, and a well-designed Custom Tablecloth can make a substantial visual impact. Measure the length, width, and height of your table to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Know what you need: Understanding these benefits of the tablecloth will guide you in creating a design that not only looks good but also serves your practical needs, making your investment in a custom tablecloth even more valuable.
  • Design and Customization: The design of your tablecloth plays a pivotal role in capturing attention and conveying your brand identity. When customizing your custom table, keep these design considerations in mind:
    • Logo Placement
    • Color Scheme
    • High-quality imagery

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