Case Study: Custom Banner Lab’s Project for BRENNER™ - 31-inch Custom Retractable Banner Display

Case Study: Custom Banner Lab’s Project for BRENNER™ - 31-inch Custom Retractable Banner Display

Client Overview

Our client, BRENNER™, a division of Brenner Industries Inc., merges a deep-rooted history of craftsmanship with a passion for music. Established in 1999, Brenner Industries initially focused on die-sinking and engraving services for diverse industries such as automotive and agricultural. The company's reputation is built on the combined talents of Mark Brenner, his wife Patty, and their son Tyler. Mark Brenner's journey began in 1977 as a Tool & Die apprentice in southeast Wisconsin. Alongside his career, he played as a lead guitarist in a local Milwaukee band. This dual life as a tradesman by day and musician by night fueled his passion for modifying stage guitars and creating custom hardware.

In 2015, after a reunion with his old band mates, Mark and Tyler launched BRENNER™ Innovative Guitar Products. BRENNER focuses on innovative guitar parts, leveraging the precision manufacturing capabilities of Brenner Industries. Today, they produce high-quality guitar components using the same advanced equipment used for mold and die manufacturing. Brenner Guitar Products continues to offer innovative solutions for musicians, driven by the Brenner family's dedication to excellence and creativity.

The 31-inch Custom Retractable Banner Display Design Process with CustomBannerLab

BRENNER™ was in need of a high-quality, portable display to showcase their innovative guitar products at trade shows and events. The goal was to create a retractable banner display that would highlight their brand and attract attention. The design process began by incorporating their brand identity and adding specific elements such their logo, product image (guitar), and key messaging into their banner. We also added some tiny details such as their company website at the bottom part of the banner.

Our Solution

For this unique project, BRENNER™ chose CustomBannerLab’s 31-inch Custom Retractable Banner display. This custom retractable banner offers a sleek and professional appearance that is greatly aligned with the client’s needs. In addition, our Custom Retractable Banner Display is designed to retract into a sturdy base, making it easy to transport and set-up. It is also made of high-quality vinyl material, which is considered as the industry standard material for all retractable banner displays.

Key Features of the 31-inch Custom Retractable Banner Display
  • Ultimate Branding: CustomBannerLab’s Custom Retractable Banner display provides ample space for comprehensive branding. The high-end fade-resistant "NO CURL" matte specialty material ensures that the graphics look amazing for years to come.
  • Portability and Convenience:The retractable mechanism allows the banner to be easily rolled up into its base, making it compact and lightweight. This makes transporting your display materials to and from trade shows hassle-free. The setup and takedown process is quick and straightforward, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • High-quality Printing: Our advanced printing technology guarantees vivid colors and crisp graphics, making BRENNER’s products and logo stand out.
The Final Outcome of the 31-inch Custom Retractable Banner Display

The collaboration between Custom Banner Lab and BRENNER™ resulted in a stunning, eye-catching retractable banner display that perfectly represents the essence of BRENNER’s brand. The banner showcases BRENNER’s innovative guitar products with clarity and style, attracting attention and generating interest at trade shows and events.

BRENNER™ was delighted with the final product, praising the high-quality materials and exceptional print quality. The retractable banner display not only enhances their presence at events but also serves as a powerful branding tool that communicates their dedication to excellence and innovation.

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