5 Eye-Catching Benefits of Having a Branded Custom Tablecloth

If you've been shopping around for tablecloths, you've probably noticed how many options are available and how many price points there are. You might be wondering whether a branded custom tablecloth is the right choice for your facility.

The fact is that even a simple tablecloth can go a long way toward making your environment more inviting for your customers or your employees. Here are some of the benefits of custom-printed tablecloths, plus some specifics of how your facility can use them creatively.

The 5 Eye Catching Benefits of Having a Branded Custom Tablecloth

1. Establish Your Professionalism

A branded custom tablecloth is an easy way to add a professional touch to your table. A custom tablecloth that's branded wears many hats. It works across many diverse industries such as:

  • Recruitment tables at university and career fairs
  • Information booths at expositions
  • Business tables for tradeshows
  • Athletic interviews
  • Farmer's market table stands
  • Flea market booths

Above are just some ideas for using a tablecloth for business. The opportunities are endless. Tablecloths are such versatile professional advertising tools that they can be repurposed to meet the needs of any industry or event.

If you are using a tablecloth to sponsor your business or organization, it is recommended to choose a custom tablecloth instead of a blank one. You can customize your tablecloth with important business information like your logo.

This helps you become instantly recognizable to passers-by from across the room. At Custom Banner Lab, all of our tablecloths can be customized.

Add Your Logo

You can simply design your own custom tablecloth by uploading your artwork. Your logo will be at the center of your banner, alluring attention.

Showing up to a professional event without a custom tablecloth is a huge faux pas. It can damage the reputation of your brand. A sad, empty table without a tablecloth appears unlively and unattractive.

It's super important to put your best foot forward in professional settings, especially since this will be some people's first impression of your brand. With a custom tablecloth, you will look prepared and polished!

2. The Psychology of Color: How Choosing the Right Branded Tablecloth Can Influence Customers

You only have a few seconds to catch someone's attention. This is especially true in settings where you would need a custom tablecloth. College auditoriums, convention centers, and arenas are jam-packed with other participants competing for employees, recruits, and dollars.

The best way to grab someone's attention?

A bold color will do! The psychology of color is not some fairytale fable, it's true science.

McDonald's Case Study

Red and yellow are the most noticeable colors. That is why the notorious McDonald's arches are yellow and the background is red. Even if you don't crave McDonald's, the hope is you will notice the sign and develop a will for it.

This strategic use of color by McDonald's is not arbitrary. They use the power of color psychology. This is something your branded tablecloth has the power to utilize as well.

Displaying Your Signature Colors

There are two suggested strategies to use when deciding on a color palette for your custom tablecloth. The first strategy uses the psychology of brand awareness. This is when a customer recognizes your brand from colors alone.

Examples of brands that do this are Hermès with their iconic orange, Geico green, and Tiffany blue. People think of these companies when they see certain colors.

This strategy is useful if your brand has a signature color.

Evoking Emotion With Color

The other strategy is to use color associated with the emotions or industry recognition you want to evoke. You can understand more about the psychology of all the colors here. Below we'll provide a few examples.

  • Red: increases heart rate and appetite, associated with passion
  • Green: associated with the environment and eco-consciousness, great for a sustainable brand
  • Blue: promotes zen and enthusiasm, often a color used for service professionals like hospitals, daycares, and insurance
  • Orange: promotes feelings of joy and happiness, used by various luxury brands like Hermès and Louis Vuitton

There are so many colors to choose from. Then within each color, there are a plethora of hues. Choose colors that speak to your industry and desired emotional connection. 

3. Reusable Branding for on the Go

If you've ever participated in a conference series, you know just how fun and exhilarating it can be to travel. You get to tour new areas, meet new people, and hopefully close some deals or recruit talent.

With all the glamor of these high-grossing events, there is plenty of sweat and labor behind the scenes. The reality is, that it can be exhausting traveling to various locations in a short time span with so many promotional materials to drag around.

Go The Distance

The beauty of custom tablecloths is their portable nature!

They are so easy to travel with that your representatives will thank you! Instead of investing in bulky, heavy promotional materials, invest in an easy-transport table cloth.

These tablecloths can simply be folded after an event. They can be packed up and stored in a suitcase when not in use.

A custom tablecloth doesn't require any heavy lifting or special tools to set up as other promotional materials. This means anyone from your team has the competency to prepare a table.

The flexible nature of tablecloths also means they can be repurposed in many ways. You can hang it on a fence, throw it on just about any size table, or display your tablecloth for various event types.

With portable branding, you save money on added expenses. There is no need for employees to use Ubers, U-Haul, or add extra travel luggage from the size of bulky promotional materials. Our custom tablecloths are designed to go the distance.

Easy Care

Your tablecloth will be well-loved. They work well for indoor and outdoor venues.

The great news is it's so easy to care for. Simply machine-wash your tablecloth and you're ready for your next event!

4. Turn Heads With Event Marketing

If you've ever been to a tradeshow and noticed a table without a tablecloth, you probably felt embarrassed for that table. A table without a tablecloth appears naked. Almost every attendee at these tradeshows and exhibitions will have a storytelling custom tablecloth.

The way to stand out is not to be the only one without a tablecloth, which will turn heads for the wrong reasons.

A bright, colorful standout custom tablecloth design is the way to turn heads at these crowded tradeshows and exhibitions. If you want to spruce up your tradeshow table, here are some steps to take.

  1. Create a strong foundation with a custom tablecloth
  2. Add an eye-catching backdrop to create a dramatic standout display
  3. People love free stuff, so line your table with promotional materials
  4. Food gets attention, so add snacks to your table
  5. Use the power of layered marketing to draw people in
  6. Try a call to action to engage people
  7. Host an interactive session to create noise around your booth

These are some ideas to generate interest in your booth. The more you can engage people, the more people will spread word-of-mouth. Soon you'll find a long line at your booth that will generate even more commotion.

Marketing is the art of offering value. Utilize three of the four Ps of marketing to offer value through promotion, place, and product.

5. Showcase Important Information in an Attractive Display

Think of your custom tablecloth as a billboard for your business. Our tablecloths are available in a variety of sizes.

Pick from our three-sided, four-sided tablecloths, convertible, or stretch tablecloths. Each one of these is available in three different sizes.

We offer a four-foot tablecloth, six-foot, and eight-foot. All three sizes provide plenty of real estate to showcase important information at a distance.

3- Sided Tablecloths

Our 3-sided tablecloths come in a variety of styles. The triple-sided tablecloth is good if you do not need a back for your tablecloth. It is our most budget-friendly option.

We have an open-back blank variety. This option is not customizable. It is good if you just want a nice colorful backdrop for your swag pieces.

Our second variety is the same style with different design. You can get a three-sided open back table cloth with your custom logo or with full edge-to-edge printing.

The logo is a powerful way to communicate your brand. It won't have additional event-specific information, which means it can be used at virtually any event.

If you want to add additional information to your tablecloth, opt for edge-to-edge printing. You can use the entirety of your tablecloth's fabric to add text, images, patterns, dates, emails, and more. It truly can be customized to meet your specific needs.

4- Sided Tablecloths

Want even more space for your branding? Go for the full four-sided tablecloth. This is a great option if you have a "floating" display in which people will be connecting and interacting all around your table.

It also helps keep the appearance of your space tidier. The fabric falls to the ground on all four sides, so you can hide belongings like suitcases, backpacks, water bottles, and more under the table.

Like the three-sided tablecloth, you can opt for a blank style, logo printed style, or edge-to-edge print. With the logo or edge-to-edge printing, you'll be able to customize your tablecloth.

Use it to communicate important branding information and attract visitors!

Convertible Tablecloths

Most events provide a table for your booth. They do not provide anything else. While there are standard table sizes that our tablecloths are designed to fit, sometimes you just don't know what size table you'll wind up with.

If you like to be prepared for life's mysteries, the convertible tablecloth is the right choice. It comes with velcro tabs that are used to extend or reduce the length of your tablecloth depending on your needs.

If you want to invest in just one tablecloth to fit various sizes, the convertible tablecloth is a great choice! It can be produced in just 4-5 business days.

Stretch Tablecloths

Stretch tablecloths are another great flexible option for when you don't know what size table you'll be administered. Stretch tablecloths are made from a spandex blend material, just like your sportswear, to adapt to any table size.

They offer a sleek, modern look, which is why they are quickly gaining popularity. Stretch tablecloths are lighter than the traditional tablecloths, as the fabric has a slightly lower weight.

Because of the nature of their shape, stretch tablecloths are four-sided, making them great to hide belongings under the table! They are stain- and wrinkle-resistant and can be machine-washed like all of our other tablecloths!

Our logo printing and edge-to-edge printing are also available with our stretch tablecloths. So add your logo, company name, or any other pertinent information and draw visitors to your booth!

Five Benefits of Using a Custom Tablecloth for Your Next Trade Show or Event

Custom tablecloths are an inexpensive and easy way to add value to your show or event. Dressing your table with a custom tablecloth has so many benefits. To recap, these are five of the benefits of a custom tablecloth:

  • Showcase your brand's professionalism
  • Stand out from the crowd with colors and design
  • Easy branding
  • Market and attract visitors to your table
  • Display important information

The simple addition of a tablecloth to your booth will boost awareness tenfold. You can expect to increase your sales goals, attract customers, and recruit new talent with ease! To inquire about your custom tablecloth, contact us today!