10 Ideas To Keep Your Tradeshow Tablecloth Wrinkle-Free

Keeping your tradeshow from getting wrinkled does not have to be impossible. Check out these ten ideas to keeping your tablecloth looking great.

In 2022, the tradeshow industry was worth an estimated $18.2 billion. Tradeshows are making a rapid comeback after the slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic of the last two years. While virtual and hybrid tradeshows have grown in popularity, there is just no denying the impact attending in-person tradeshow events has on a business.

92% of all tradeshow attendees visit tradeshows to learn about interesting new or innovative products and services. Tradeshow booth accessories such as custom tablecloths help bring potential consumers to your booth, so it's essential to keep them looking their absolute best between tradeshow events.

If you're looking for ways to ensure that your tradeshow tablecloth is not wrinkled, this guide can help you. We'll share 10 great ideas you can use to keep tablecloth wrinkles at bay, including storing tablecloths properly when not in use.

Keep reading below for more helpful tips on care for your tradeshow booth's custom tablecloths.

1. Fold Your Custom Tablecloths After Each Use

The first step to ensuring your custom tablecloths stay wrinkle-free is to fold them properly after each use. As much as you may be in a rush to take down and pack up your tradeshow booth, you should refrain from just tossing them haphazardly into a bag or box. This can cost you later on in valuable time and effort dealing with stubborn tablecloth wrinkles.

Taking a preventative step to fold your tablecloth will keep it from wrinkling before the next use. You'll want to fold it with the long ends together first with seams from corner to corner. Then, bring the shorter sides together and repeat as necessary to make a neat rectangular or square shape with the edges meeting.

This simple step can help you save time and effort trying to iron or steam out the wrinkles prior to the next show. If you need help, you can use the table itself as a guide to creating neat folds. Smooth out the tablecloth as you go to prevent any additional creases.

Using a dowel or cardboard tube to roll your tablecloth up may also help you cut down on tablecloth wrinkles. You'll need to make sure it has a tight roll and doesn't sag. You can store it on a hanging rod between uses and then easily unroll it onto the table for an effortless set-up.

2. Store Your Custom Tablecloths Correctly

After folding your custom tablecloths, you must also store them correctly to maintain their appearance over time. If you have a protective covering like a clear vinyl bag, place your folded tradeshow tablecloth into this bag and gently press out any excess air. Then, zip or seal it shut to keep out unwanted substances from damaging the tablecloth.

Avoid storing tablecloths in areas where there may be high humidity and dampness. Excess moisture can lead to mildewing on your custom tablecloths along with tricky set-in tablecloth wrinkles. Don't place heavy items on top of your custom tablecloths as these items can press down and create deep folds and creases in your tablecloth.

Never try to cram or force the tablecloth back into its protective covering. This can also result in making wrinkles appear in your tablecloth's fabric. Gently place it back inside.

Treat your custom tablecloths with care. They are an extension of your business's image and small steps of prevention can make a big difference in how your tradeshow tablecloth will look later on.

3. Travel With a Portable Steamer Unit

Of course, even with proper folding and storage, your custom tablecloths may still need an extra freshening up from time to time. That's why a portable steamer unit can be a tradeshow exhibitionist's new best friend. A portable steamer is small enough to fit in a carry-on piece of luggage.

You can bring your portable steamer to the tradeshow floor and use it when you set up your booth. If you see any residual tablecloth wrinkles in your tradeshow tablecloth, fill your steamer with cool water and plug it in to warm it up. Your steamer unit will start to produce steam in a matter of minutes.

Hold the steamer up to the tablecloth and let the steam relax the wrinkles. Gently pull on the tablecloth to release the wrinkles. Be careful not to touch the steamer directly to the surface of the fabric of your custom tablecloths. You could run the risk of damaging it with water stains or accidentally burning or warping the fabric contents.

4. Iron Your Custom Tablecloths Between Shows

When you know you have a big show coming up, you should take your custom tablecloths out ahead of time to let them breathe. This is an especially good idea if you haven't used your custom tablecloths for a while between shows. This will also give you an opportunity to examine them for any lingering tablecloth wrinkles or stains.

If you do come across any tablecloth wrinkles, you will need to unfold your tradeshow tablecloth and iron it. Prompt ironing will address the issue of wrinkling before they set in further. You should read the fabric content and care instructions that came with your tradeshow tablecloth to verify that it is okay to iron in the first place.

Find a clean, dry, and flat surface, like a tabletop, and spread the tablecloth over it. Use an iron on its lowest setting for synthetics (recommended around 230º for nylon, lycra, and acetate) with the mister or spray bottle to lightly wet the area. This will produce a light, heated mist to remove the wrinkles.

Place a thin cloth between your iron on your fabric and use slow and even motions to smooth out the tablecloth wrinkles. Wait for the material to dry before folding the tablecloth back up into its protective covering. Do not leave the iron to sit on one area of the tablecloth for a prolonged period or you could burn the fabric.

5. Use a Wrinkle Releasing Spray

If you don't have time to steam or iron on the way to a tradeshow, there are a variety of spray-on products out there that can help loosen up stubborn tablecloth wrinkles. These sprays are ideal for last-minute touchups of your custom tablecloths in your tradeshow booth.

These sprays are available in different formula types for use on different fabrics. You will need to ensure that you have the right wrinkle-releasing spray formula for your specific fabric type. Using the wrong spray can damage the fabric.

The instructions are fairly simple. You only need to spray a small amount on the fabric from a short distance and let the mist set in. Then, give the fabric a small tug and smooth it out gently with your hands to help remove the tablecloth wrinkles and let it hang dry.

It's an easy and fast way to remove wrinkles without the use of an iron or steamer.

6. Steam Custom Tablecloths in the Shower

The shower steam trick is another method that has been used as a standby for getting wrinkles out of fabrics without the use of an iron.

If you're staying at a hotel while visiting the area for a tradeshow and don't have an iron in your room, you can use your shower instead. This technique uses the natural steam produced from a hot shower to create a sauna that steams your fabrics to remove tablecloth wrinkles.

Make sure that you place your tradeshow tablecloth in the bathroom but far enough away from the shower fixture that it won't get the tablecloth too wet. You'll want to be able to shut the door enough to keep the steam from escaping the bathroom.

Turn on the shower and close the door so that the steam can permeate the wrinkles in your custom tablecloths and leave it on for about 10 minutes.

Let your tradeshow tablecloth fully air dry from any moisture before storing it again.

7. Throw Your Custom Tablecloths in the Washer

Routine washing of your custom tablecloths not only keeps them looking good by removing dirt and debris, but it also helps cut down on wrinkles. Use a mild detergent and wash them in cold water on the handwash cycle. Wash your custom tablecloths separately from other items to prevent color transfer and entanglement.

Never use regular bleach on a colored tablecloth or it could strip out the coloring and damage your fabric's material. If you need to pre-treat any stains, do not leave the stain pre-treater on for longer than 10 minutes to prevent discoloring.

When your custom tablecloths have finished washing, remove them promptly and hang them up to air dry. If you need to touch up any areas, use an iron on low to remove tablecloth wrinkles. Then, proceed to the proper ways of folding and storing your custom tablecloths as usual.

8. Fluff Your Custom Tablecloths in the Dryer

Depending on your fabric content, giving your custom tablecloths a toss in the dryer can help remove some signs of wrinkling. Be sure to check the care instructions for your custom tablecloths to ensure that they can be put into the dryer first.

Only use the lowest heat setting on your dryer to prevent damage to the fabric. A permanent press setting is ideal since it is specifically meant to help reduce wrinkles in the dryer.

You should still make sure to remove your tradeshow tablecloth from the dryer as soon as the cycle completes. Letting your tablecloth sit in the dryer for too long will cause more wrinkles to form.

Spandex stretch tablecloths should never be put into the dryer as the heat will warp the material. Only hang them up to drip dry to maintain their shape and stretch capabilities.

9. Buy Custom Tablecloths Made from Wrinkle-Resistant Materials

The type of material you choose for your custom tablecloths can also greatly impact the number of tablecloth wrinkles you will encounter. Materials like cotton can be too light and flimsy to stay in place, they are also prone to heavy wrinkling. You want a durable tradeshow tablecloth that looks and performs its best time after time and use after use.

For example, the 3-sided tablecloth from Custom Banner Lab is the best tablecloth for tradeshows. It's made from a medium-weight polyester twill material that is wrinkle-resistant. It also provides an elegant drape that gives your tradeshow booth a professional appearance.

This 3-sided tablecloth is open in the back to give you access to materials under the table or sit behind it without worrying about pulling on your tablecloth. It is also stain-resistant and fire retardant to meet the requirements of many tradeshow venues. The 3-sided tablecloth is fully customizable with vibrant color choices and printed graphic logo designs.

10. Order Extra Custom Tablecloths to Have On Hand

In the event that you run into an issue with trying to de-wrinkle your custom tablecloths in a pinch, don't worry. You can order custom tablecloths in bulk and keep extras on hand to use in case of emergencies. You can get the same logos and colors printed on each one to keep your branding consistent.

If you ever need a new tradeshow tablecloth fast, just grab one from your stockpile and give it a quick steam to freshen it up. You'll be ready to go in no time at all. This nifty hack will mean that you're always prepared to present your tradeshow booth in the best possible way.

You can also get discounts on your custom tablecloths when you buy in bulk. For orders of 5-10 custom tablecloths, you'll get a 10% discount. For custom tablecloth orders of 11-25, you'll receive a 12% discount, and for orders over 26, you'll get 15% off of your order.

When your tradeshow tablecloth looks its best, so will your business brand. This will translate into success down the road.

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