BLANK 24 x 36 LED Light Box

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LED Backlit Light Boxes use 80% less power than florescent bulbs. The light in these high end units radiates from all four edges for BRIGHT, EVEN illumination that makes your graphics message POP. When you are ready to change the graphics, simply snap open the ultra thin frame and pop in the new graphic. This can be done right on the wall - no need for time consuming box removal, etc... The best feature of this light box is that the profile is only about 1/2 inch - making it look almost a part of the wall. Many boxes are bulky and thick. This one is sleek, slim and modern. It is powered by a 110V cord that plugs into any standard outlet. The cord is 7 Feet long and has an easy on/off switch. Sliding Hanger Hooks on the back of each frame makes hanging quick and easy. These can ONLY be hung in the VERTICAL position - not Horizontally.