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Must-Have Trade Show Accessories

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When you are in the planning stages of an exhibitor booth for a trade show, don’t forget the details! Now that you’ve got the products you’ll be pushing and your pitch perfected, it’s time to think visuals and swag. We’ve got you covered for a lot of this.

Visuals Of Your Booth

You will want your message to be clear from the aisle. Have your message clearly communicated on banners, your table cloth and your backdrop. You table cloth should have your custom logo printed on it. Check out our high-quality 4-Sided Dye Sublimation Logo Tablecloth. It will hide your supplies under your table as well as present your logo with high-quality dyes.


One really great thing to have is a Portable Literature Display. This stand is available in black and silver and collapses into its handy padded carrying case for ease of transportation. It hold standard 8.8 x 11 sized literature and shelves are .75 inches deep. It weighs just 5 lbs and will prove invaluable for quick setup and quick breakdowns.

Tote Bag Holder

When it comes to swag, a tote bag is a good item to give out. Don’t hide your message on a pen or stress ball, get it out there via a printed logo bag. The Oasis Foldable Tote Bag Display can help you stay organized and give a professional appearance.

Display Easel

This light duty, ultra compact Display Easel has telescoping legs for easy setup and easy breakdown. It’s the perfect item to help hold directional signs or temporary signs.

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