Custom Reusable Break Away Tear Away Run Through BreakAway Banner Banner: Style # 2

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Custom Run Through Tear Away velcro banners. Use this template to create your very own BREAK-AWAY Sports Team custom banner. Customize the text & images. with your own words and information. Break Through Banners are a perfect way to show team pride and make a very fun and exciting entrance for any sports team. Choose from 3 popular banner sizes. 6'x2' for $90, 6'x4' for $120 and 8'x4' for $160. We can also use your CUSTOM MASCOT on the banner as well. To discuss your design options call us at 317-956-3898 and ask for BRIAN. We can also make tear-away banners in custom sizes. We've made them as large as 35' wide and as tall as 15' - so if you have special size requirements just let us know... The 4 outside corners come with rope handles for easy holding by cheerleaders. The center of the banner is split with a velcro seam so that when players run through it splits right down the center. You can reuse this breakaway banner OVER & OVER! Call with questions. Compare this cost to buying new PAPER banners each game and this is a MUCH BETTER DEAL!!!


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